Fishguard to Bangor Trunk Road (Caernarfon - Bontnewydd Bypass A487)

Fishguard to Bangor Trunk Road (Caernarfon - Bontnewydd Bypass A487)

Caernarfon to Bontnewydd, Gwynedd, North Wales
SP Energy Networks


To provide consenting services to facilitate diversion of existing electricity infrastructure affected by the route of a proposed road bypass scheme in securing all appropriate land rights, consents, assents and other permissions within an extremely challenging time frame and including confirmations obtained from the Welsh Government regarding consent for works on land subject to Compulsory Powers as required.

9.7 kilometres of road bypass around Caernarfon town with multiple diversions of existing Ehv, Hv and Lv electricity network infrastructure.


We undertook a survey of the Caernarfon to Bontnewydd road bypass route, recording the location of all existing electricity network infrastructure affected by the road bypass scheme.

A land referencing table was prepared to identify parties affected by the bypass route and a schedule for grantor consent created. Separate and duplicate documentation was prepared for sections of land under the control of the Welsh Ministers and subject to Compulsory Powers.

Discussions were entered into with grantors/agents regarding site specific design proposals, access arrangements confirmed, and negotiations conducted for valuation of permanent rights where appropriate. Where design proposals met with rejection or refusal, further design opportunities were noted in line with grantor acceptability and scheme redesigns prepared for consideration.

Following consultations with the customer’s project design and delivery teams, our in-house CAD Technician prepared design solutions tailored to each site-specific diversion. The preparation of detailed plans also took into consideration known and potential restrictions, and/or requirements for both client and grantor, with varying routing options made available for review by landowners or their appointed representatives.

A program was prepared for securing all relevant consents and permissions with strategic targets identified for prompt resolution to facilitate an orderly construction schedule. Local Planning Authority consent was obtained as necessary for the diversion of overhead network, and Natural Resources Wales consulted for assent to cross main rivers.

Negotiations were conducted with each grantor/agent for land rights consent, establishing permanent rights were possible, and relevant forms and plans issued for completion.

Additional and separate consent was obtained from the Welsh Government for diversion works on land subject to a compulsory purchase order.

Valuations for compensation were agreed with grantors/agents for losses incurred during works for installation/diversion.

Regular progress meetings were held with the client and their customer, wherein detailed progress reports and ‘real time’ data was provided in support of progress made for consenting.

On completion of construction and commissioning works for network diversions, our project team met with grantors, agents and other affected parties in settling claims for compensation associated with losses incurred.

As set out in the published Grantor’s Charter, claims were agreed voluntarily and in line with principles for land valuation. Detailed records, rationale, and itemised breakdown of claims were provided, and amicable conclusion reached for settlement.


Our project team successfully delivered all necessary consents and permission in order to progress the major road scheme program. In addition we facilitated access arrangements for works on land subject to Compulsory Powers. The scheme required installation of some 1.5km of new overhead construction with 4.2km of existing overhead network being recovered. Under-grounding of cable routes totalled some 4.2km.