Forestry Valuation & Consents For Tree Cutting For Resilience Of Existing 33KV Overhead Line

Forestry Valuation & Consents For Tree Cutting For Resilience Of Existing 33KV Overhead Line

Llangaffo, Isle of Anglesey
SP Energy Networks


To provide a valuation for a hardwood plantation affected by the proximity of an existing 33KV overhead line. To establish potential compensation for losses and agree consideration for the grant of permanent rights. In addition to mediating a long standing dispute of over 10 years regarding proposals for tree works and potential arising losses.


Bryn Mawr carried-out an initial survey of the woodland to establish age, species, access and cutting requirements including area calculations and comparable values for compensation.

A report was submitted to SPEN for consideration and agreement of easement valuation offer, including all future SPEN tree cutting requirements at the site.

Our Land Officer negotiated directly with the Grantor regarding easement compensation value, and liaised with Grantor’s Woodland Manager to agree the extent of tree cutting permitted which would provide resilience to the network and protect the remainder of the woodland from potential wind blow.

A full site survey for tree cutting then took place. Demarcated all trees for felling and/or reduction, and provide record to the client and landowner.

A compensation value was agreed with the landowner for the loss of trees from the plantation as detailed in the proposed cutting list.

Consent was then secured from the neighbouring third party landowner for access to the site, and for the use of an additional area of land for the contractor’s to park their vehicles.

We also provided site supervision of the tree contractors during the pre-arranged early morning emergency outage, in order to remove the trees that were in close proximity to the existing line. This enabled the remainder of the cutting schedule to be carried out under live line conditions.

Moreover, we provided further monitoring of the agreed tree works to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction, and to enhance and develop grantor/client relations.


All necessary consents and permissions required were obtained for the felling of 194 semi-mature broadleaf trees, and the reduction of a further 155 broadleaf trees posing a potential threat to the security of the supply due to being in proximity to the existing high voltage line. Also included in the settlement as part of the agreed terms was an allowance for approximately 200 trees which may suffer from wind blow in the future, and to not hold SPEN liable for an additional claim in respect of this.