Disgarth Uchaf & Ty Gwyn Windfarms Connection

Disgarth Uchaf & Ty Gwyn Windfarms Connection

Maerdy, Nr Corwen, North Wales
SP Energy Networks


To provide a feasibility study with consenting services to enable the connection of two proposed wind turbines to the electricity network within a timescale specified by the developer.

To secure all appropriate land rights both by way of easement and wayleave consent for the network upgrade to three phase capacity of some 2.5km of existing overhead line, and the construction of 1.5km of new build, 11KV overhead line.

Support activities also included land referencing, line routing, survey and access agreements, prior to and throughout term of the project, together with submissions necessary to gain the required planning approval. Additional services applied to the scheme also encompassed both negotiation and settlement of compensation claims resulting from project activity, within specified and approved SPEN fee scale parameters.


Initially, a land referencing profile was produced for the entire length of the proposed works, approaching all landowners affected by the proposal in order to obtain survey access and to discuss potential routing options.

Following initial grantor consultations, SPEN’s existing records were examined to establish potential for use of existing land rights in line with consenting and planning requirement and with reference to design considerations. In this instance, it was found to be the case that existing records did not provided sufficient rights as required by the project design.

Consultations were held with the project design and delivery teams to agree suitable routing options for the new line. New consents were drawn-up and secured on all parties' land along the route of the proposed overhead line. Planning consent was applied for and secured to enable commencement of construction works in line with the parameters of the project.

A full access schedule including plans detailing landownership boundaries, access routes and constraints was issued to construction teams, along with contact details of land officers should any issues arise during the works.

We provided support to the construction teams with access issues for the duration of the works and met with landowners to discuss the principles of valuations for the impending compensation claims, for disturbance to agricultural operations and to minimise mitigation measures and constraints on the construction teams.

On completion of construction and commissioning works for the line, we met with all affected parties and relevant land agents to agree and settle claims for compensation within the designated parameters, providing a detailed breakdown to the project manager in each case in support of settlement valuations and methodology.


All services were delivered with complete grantor co-operation, within the timescale required and within the assigned budget.